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  • What is TopBuzz for Android?

    TopBuzz for Android is a dedicated news app that provides users with daily breaking news as well as local headlines, global news, weather reports and a range of other types of information. Users also receive personalised newsfeeds that provide them with information that matches their interests.

  • How Does TopBuzz for Android Work?

    Users have the chance to sign up to TopBuzz in order to post their own articles as well as videos and other types of content. The app can also be used as a platform to promote brands and products and connect with a large number of potential customers.

  • What is the TopBuzz for Android Beat The Q Feature?

    Beat The Q is an interactive trivia show game that gives players the chance to win cash prizes. Users need to answer a series of questions in order to win prizes and cash is available to win each and every day.

  • What Do I Do if My TopBuzz for Android Post is Rejected?

    Before a post is accepted and posted on the app, it needs to pass through the TopBuzz Review System, which consists of both human and mechanic editors who make sure that the post matches the company’s standards. If a post is rejected for any reason, the creator has the chance to revise the post and resubmit it.

  • Can I Appeal an Action on My TopBuzz for Android Account?

    People who try to submit a post that violates the company’s policies may find that their account is flagged for a violation or in severe cases their account has been terminated. If this action has been done in error, users can file an appeal through the Feedback form.

  • How Often is TopBuzz for Android Post Data Updated?

    Data related to the likes and clicks that a post has received are typically updated once every 24 hours. Users who notice that updates are taking longer for any reason should contact the company’s support team.

  • Is There a URL Upload Limit on TopBuzz for Android?

    Users are permitted to submit up to five videos to TopBuzz within a 24 hour period. The main reason for this is because the TopBuzz team needs to verify all content that is submitted to ensure that users actually have permission to submit it and in some cases this can take a little time.

  • When Are My TopBuzz for Android Earnings Updated?

    Users who have received earnings from blog posts and other types of media that they have submitted will usually find that their account balance is posted every one to two days. People who find that their balance has not been updated for more than three days should contact the support team, which can be done through the feedback system.

  • How Do I Delete My TopBuzz for Android Account?

    People who decide that they wish to stop using TopBuzz for any reason will not actually be able to delete their account. However, users can delete the app for their Android device and they will no longer receive notifications or updates.

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